How to Organize Your Photos FOREVER

Do This to Organize Your Photos Once and For All

Just remember this and you’ll be good to go:

  • Date (2020-10-01)
  • Who (Name of Subjects)
  • What (Trip? Shoot? Party?)
  • Where (Las Vegas? House?)
0:02 Mr. Eddie Flores here going to teach you how to organize your photos today because people I’ve been through your my pictures section. Geez Louise is a hard to navigate, you know what I’m talking about. You have like a random folder that says my pictures. And then you have like a folder that says my trip and then a folder that says other pictures like it’s wack and then not to talk about just the root of the file, which is where it’s just scattered images everywhere where there’s no structure. So today, we’re going to combat that with one folder structure that you could use for the rest of your life. You ready? Let’s go. Here it is. So let’s go ahead and share the screen right here. So I’m going to dive into my familia floaters. And don’t mind those folders. Those are for another video. But just keep this in mind. When you have a photo or a My Pictures folder. That’s what we’re in right now. What you want to do is separate by categories by folders. So when it’s a shoe of your whole family, please put it in family when his shots about just food, put it in food, when it’s with friends, put in a friend’s landscape and nature, you get the point, feel free to steal some of these. And when you just shoot just one child or one adult or one person like your mom, your dad, your grandpa, take the time to make a folder for them, I promise you, it’s so cool to just go to aviana. And just check out all of our shoots all just in like 30 seconds or less than 30 seconds probably in two seconds. Same thing like if we want to go for all our family shoes. And it’s considered family when we’re all in pictures mix and matching, just so it’s in one place. And here is the secret, you always want to steal this folder structure. So it’s the year so 2020 dash the month, and I put 09 just so it looks pretty to 09080706 and then obviously 11 and 12. And then the day, the day after that, I put the camera that I use That’s for me because I have like look, it’s just show you guys real quick. Ah, multiple cameras. So sometimes I like doing search by the camera and body. So by the camera body, that’s what am I able to find out all those things. So the next thing that you’re going to want to do is put the old dang I think I messed up the name structure right there is who’s in it. So now it’s you’re answering the question, Who and then what and where that’s all you’re going to do. So let’s practice. So let’s go to family one right here. So 2019 1031 It’s cool. bahco the dog, Matt Zahra alowing. Allen, Halloween, and where. So that’s basically the name of the game. It’s who, what and where. So the date camera if you want who, what, and where. Let’s do one more date camera that’s optional if you have multiple cameras, who, what and where if you guys get that down you now I can do searches for family members. So say for instance, I want to do a search for possible the pug I can just type in pa CO and press enter and any folder that has his name I’m now able to see in just a couple of seconds. So that’s basically it. I just wanted to throw this quick little tip because sometimes I like giving a small tip so you can just take quick action on it. Give it a shot. It’s a lot of work in the beginning but I promise you the time that you save the sanity that you’ll get is so so so worth it like I literally can go find any one of my kids with just a couple keywords. I could find my dog I can find a place anything that I shot at the house anything that I shot in harm Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain. I can find it in second. who clicked kreher? Who, what, where Mr. Eddie Flores out. Peace


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