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What Really Makes You Happy? [MEF#001]

Alex Medina joined me today to talk about a business idea that he wanted to talk about. It started it off as a complicated nonprofit that would take a lot of energy and time away from him. I asked him what made him happy and as soon as he said Jiu-Jitsu, you could tell he was in an extremely happy place.

So we entertained the idea of him starting a YouTube channel where he can teach guys about Jui-Jitsu while giving them tips about money.

Notice how happy he was when he was talking about that idea. Remember people, ALWAYS do what really makes you happy… Life is too short.


If We Could Go Back in Time

  • We would go harder in our 20’s
  • We would sacrifice A LOT MORE

You lit up when you talked about Ju-Jitsu… What’s up with that?

  • Maybe share your journey and help people out along the way?

I feel like you’re going to give back

  • Start off with baby steps

People want to follow the why

  • Be honest and upfront
  • Hey, I’m doing this channel because
  • Dads lack the motivation
  • They feel defeated and tired
  • They feel the pressure to provide
  • Sometimes we make dumb decisions
  • I went through all of this
  • Let me show you how to fix it
  • This is why I made this channel
  • Protect your money
  • Defend yourself
  • Have fun

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  1. Mr Eddie Flores

    What was one of your biggest takeaways from the video? For me, it was to bitch slap my younger self and to tell him to take his time more serious 😉


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